When you graduate, you will join the National Training Academy Alumni society, a network of communication with graduates of all the academy programs.

Our Society

The society’s main goal is to create mutual and sustainable relationships with between the academy and its alumni, besides supporting the National Training Academy mission in providing the community with leaders, honorable models and national expertise who contribute to build the nation.

Today, there are more than two thousand alumni spread across Egypt, who have graduated from the National Training Academy programs.

Your National Training Academy journey continues long after you graduate. As a member of the Alumni Society, you have access to a global network of graduates in various fields, lifelong learning and employment opportunities, and multiple national and international events.

Get Involved

Our alumni volunteers recognize that the National Training Academy and their own futures are closely intertwined. This makes them passionate advocates for driving growth at the National Training Academy . They want to impact the lives of current and future students alike, and often remember a time when an alum helped them. They join us at all different stages of their careers, but are all bound together by our shared National Training Academy bond.

Benefits and Advantages

National Training Academy Alumni Society has a range of multiple benefits and advantages. This provides many opportunities for attending official and social events, along with scholarships and training courses, and employment possibilities at different career stages.

Lifelong Learning:

National Training Academy Alumni Society has the opportunity for lifelong learning through the large number of scholarships, training courses, workshops and programs offered to the alumni in various fields.

Career Development:

Log-in to the alumni portal, update your profile and check the available vacancies. It is a task managed by our alumni for our alumni. On the alumni portal, you can apply for the opportunities and job vacancies advertised in various fields by National Training Academy Alumni Society.

Global Networking & Events:

Whether you’re looking to expand your business or social ties, we’re here to help you stay connected. The National Training Academy Alumni Society works closely to organize multiple local and global events. These range from casual alumni gatherings, career events on campus, social events, and national conferences to the World Youth Forum.

Communications and Benefits

Alumni Portal:
It is a professional networking platform with over than one thousand active alumni, It makes it easy to access your profile, alumni news and alumni benefits. The platform includes the alumni directory, available vacancies, events schedule, and gathering groups. You can sign up using your LinkedIn, Facebook or email account.

Monthly Update:

Each month, we send an email update covering events, volunteer opportunities, special offers and more to all alumni. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please email us.

Alumni Magazine

Each quarter, the National Training Academy Alumni Society publishes the National Training Academy Alumni Magazine, which features a series of inspiring and successful alumni stories and research articles from our alumni and senior public figures, and the latest news about the National Training Academy.

National Training Academy Library:

Alumni are able to access the library facilities at National Training Academy campus, and enjoy ‘walk in’ access to the available collection of books and databases of business, literature and sciences available on site. Alumni are able to make use of several study spaces for personal development available on campus.
Before visiting, please contact Library Services who can advise on availability of study spaces and resources.

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