Youth Conferences

Second National Regular Youth Conference (Aswan) January 2017

Under the patronage of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, the Second National Youth Conference was held in Aswan, Upper Egypt, in January 2017. It was attended by more than 23 ministers, a host of deputies, Upper Egypt’s governors, university presidents and an amalgamation of public and media figures.

Main recommendations of the conference

  • The establishment of the Supreme Commission for the Development of Upper Egypt, which aims at improving public services and providing job opportunities, in addition to preserving Nubian artifacts with an investment of up to LE5 billion in the next five years.
  • Complete all development projects in Nasr Nubia and Wadi Karkar, and the allocation of LE320 million to complete these projects before the end of June 2018.
  • Launch a national project to establish integrated industrial zones for small and micro industries. The first phase is to establish 200 small factories in each governorate in Upper Egypt in the next six months.
  • Continue to expand the scope of social protection measures by developing the solidarity and dignity programs (Takafol wi Karama), that include programs for children of the families covered in the programs, through launching labour-intensive projects.
  • Increase efforts directed at improving the quality of life in Upper Egypt, by continuing to intensify efforts in the areas of health, education, transportation and housing.
  • Accelerate the implementation of the Golden Triangle project – Qena, Safaga and Qusseir – in five consecutive stages, to establish areas for the mining industry and global tourism, so that the triangle becomes an international attraction area for investment.
  • Transform Aswan into the capital of African economy and culture and to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Abu Simbel Temple to promote tourism in Egypt and organize a major celebration for this anniversary.
  • Exclude the area of Khor Qandi estimated at 12,000 feddans, offered by the Reef El-Masry company, to set an integrated vision of the area within a maximum of three months.
  • Review the position of those who have not been compensated in the period before and after the establishment of the High Dam by a national committee formed by the relevant parties. The committee will complete its work within six months at the most.