Youth Conferences

First National Youth Conference (Sharm El-Sheikh) November 2016

The first National Youth Conference was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, the City of Peace. It was inaugurated by President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, and declared to be held regularly throughout the year. The aim is to have a regular forum for various state sectors and youth to discuss the current challenges and future of national sustainable development plans.

Main recommendations of the conference

  • The Presidency of the Republic is to prepare, in coordination with the Cabinet of Ministers and young leading Egyptian figures, a political outlook to inaugurate a national centre for training and qualifying youth cadres on the political, social, security and economic levels through stable systems and methodologies supporting the Egyptian identity and preparing Egyptian youths for leadership positions in all fields.
  • Forming a national committee of youth under the direct supervision of the Presidency to conduct comprehensive studies on apprehended youths who have not been issued judicial sentences, in coordination with all concerned bodies in the state, provided that the committee’s report be issued within 15 days to take the necessary steps towards each case, within the constitutionally and legally delegated authority of the President of the Republic.
  • The Presidency is to hold, in coordination with all the state bodies, a monthly conference for youth attended by sufficient numbers of youth representatives, from all walks of life and backgrounds, to review the status of all recommendations and resolutions issued by the First National Youth Conference and subsequent developments leading up to the Second National Youth Conference, scheduled for November 2017.
  • The government is to study, in coordination with concerned state authorities, proposals and draft amendments to the demonstration law, submitted by the youth during the conference, and to include them in the draft laws package planned to be submitted to the House of Representatives during the current session.
  • The government is to prepare to hold a comprehensive community dialogue for the development and reform of education within a maximum of one month, to be attended by specialists and experts to develop a national working document for the off-the-beaten-track reform of education in line with the challenges and economic circumstances of the country. This document, including recommendations, resolutions and solutions, is to be presented during the monthly youth conference, scheduled for December.
  • Inviting youth from political parties and influencers to prepare policies and programs that contribute to the dissemination of the culture of volunteering, through all political means and tools. The first of its issues and themes is to adopt the initiative of eradicating illiteracy in Egyptian governorates.
  • Mandating the government, in coordination with the House of Representatives, to expedite issuing the legislation regulating media information, and the formation of entities and councils organizing press and media work.
  • The government, in cooperation with Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Egyptian Church and all the relevant state authorities, is to organize an extensive community dialogue involving specialists, experts and intellectuals, in addition to an extensive representation of youth groups, to develop a national working document with a comprehensive strategy to consolidate values, principles and ethics, and to lay sound foundations for correcting the religious discourse in the framework of preserving the Egyptian identity with all its cultural and historical dimensions.