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A training course on artificial intelligence and general innovation for the EPLP 3 in cooperation with the National School of Administration in France

January 17 2021

This January, the National Training Academy organized a three-day separate training course on digital transformation, innovation and its importance, in cooperation with experts from the National School of Administration in France via the Internet for the trainees of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP3).
The training course aimed at understanding the context and challenges of digital transformation for public work and analyzing the effects of digital transformation on government work practices, in addition to understanding the issues and role of digital technologies in public policy and public work methodologies through innovation.
John Guillaume Mesmer, a consultant in the digital transformation sector in France, addressed the digital segment, including: The second generation of the Internet, big databases and artificial intelligence which have become an important technology in societies and have resulted in new business models on the scene.
During the training course, the trainees of the EPLP3 exchanged their views on the importance of digital transformation for government service providers as it contributes to improving the services provided and making them more efficient. They also dealt with the uses of artificial intelligence in public service in the fields of education, health, taxes and transportation, as well as the importance of ethical issues to ensure impartiality and respect for privacy and transparency.
At the conclusion of the artificial intelligence part of the training course, many topics related to digital transformation were discussed, such as cybersecurity and the challenges facing governments in digitizing their sectors and public services, such as ensuring the security of information systems, enabling civil servants to use them, and providing access to services for all citizens.
Diego Curtis, Director of Innovation and Transformation Projects at the French Prime Minister, also participated in the training course, and tackled the part of innovation in public policy, and as he sees, it is an area that needs a constant flow of new ideas, and he added that it is important to determine if these ideas are implementable and relevant to state policies. It also shed light on how to convert new ideas into government projects, how to build a new idea in tangible form, how to implement it and manage its general policy. This part also focused on the specific conditions for the organizational and functional framework to implement an effective project.
At the end of this part of the training course, public innovation was discussed in addition to public policy principles and standards, some of which are new, and some are traditional. These tools are needed to guide and evaluate future and ongoing projects.
It is worth noting that the EPLP3 is one of the academy’s most important products, under the patronage of the President of the Republic. It was prepared and designed to be the Future Leaders Factory. Many foreign and Egyptian expertise participated in the preparation of the program, and they all aim to build highly qualified cadres for the state. Those cadres should be able to understand and use modern mechanisms in policy-making and managing the decision-making process, and apply a modern thinking style in line with the latest successful international applications and models that will enable them to occupy various leadership positions.

About the National Training Academy:
The National Training Academy was established by a presidential decree issued by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in August 2017; To be the beacon of development and learning in Egypt, and the locomotive of human development and advancement of science and knowledge, at the local, regional and international levels.

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