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French Ambassador Stephane Romatet visits the National Training Academy

November 17 2020

Dr. Rasha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, welcomed today the French Ambassador, Mr. Stephane Romatet. This is the third meeting of the steering committee concerned with activating the cooperation agreement signed between the National Training Academy in Egypt and the National School of Administration (L’ENA) in France in January 2019. Mr. Ambassador also met with the third batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program “EPLP”.
Dr. Rasha Ragheb expressed her gratitude to Mr. Stephane Romatet saying that L’ENA is a strategic partner in the EPLP. She stated: “The previous batch of the EPLP program was successful and we were able to implement many activities that improved the program’s quality through the support of His Excellency as well as that of the ENA. They were real partners who provided the necessary expertise to implement the program.
Ambassador Romatet also spoke to the third batch of the program, saying: “I am very proud to be with you today. I know very well that the admission process that you went through until you got here was very long, it lasted for weeks and months, until we reached 65 trainees out of 8,000 applicants. You are the elite, la crème de la crème, and you should be proud of your presence here and start this program that will change you.”
Ambassador Romatet expressed his happiness for the continuation of the partnership between France and the National Training Academy for several years and said: “Both Egypt and France are strong countries, and the relationship between them has always been very active, and goes back decades and even reaches two centuries.” He added: “When Dr. Rasha Ragheb took charge of the National Training Academy three years ago, EPLP was established based on the directive of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of Egypt, and upon the agreement signed between his Excellency and President Macron. Together, we proudly launched this partnership between the National Training Academy and L’ENA. ”
The Ambassador concluded his speech to the EPLP 3 trainees saying: “What you are doing is very important. This country needs the best in the field of administration, especially at the present time when the Egyptian and French administrations are facing many rapid changes. You will be trained at the highest professional level to obtain the best results through the training at the Academy and the field training that will take place within the ministries and governorates… Build a strong network of friendships, bonds and relationships, and it will live with you over the days, and we are looking forward to your earned successes in the future.”
It is worth mentioning that the Executive Presidential Leadership Program aims to have highly qualified cadres from governmental sectors who are able to understand and use modern techniques in policy-making, manage the decision-making process, and apply a modern style of thinking in line with the latest international models, enabling them to occupy various leadership positions. 190 trainees graduated in the first batch in January 2018, and 79 trainees graduated in the second batch. They received field training starting October 3rd for a month in all governorates. The third batch of 65 trainees began their training on November 8th and will be given theoretical training for 9 months and 3 months of field training.
About the National Training Academy:
The National Training Academy was established upon a presidential decree in August 2017 to be the beacon of development and learning in Egypt and the driving force for human development in the fields of science and knowledge at the local, regional and international levels.

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