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Launching the Efficient Governmental Employee Program for the New Valley

December 13 2020

The National Training Academy launched today the Efficient Governmental Employee Program to train the employees of the New Valley Governorate head office. This 21-day program was launched with the presence of Ms. Hanan Magdy, the Deputy Governor of the New Valley Governorate, and in light of the cooperation between the National Training Academy and the New Valley Governorate to train 25 employees of its head office for their leadership and career roles.

Dr. Rasha Ragheb, The Executive Director of the National Training Academy, welcomed Ms. Hanan Magdy saying: “She is an NTA alumnus and a graduate of the Presidential Leadership Program and the Training Program for Governors’ Deputies. She is passionate about getting the New Valley Governorate to be the first to execute new and developed ways of thinking and for the program to have a formal design and logo.”

Dr. Rasha wished the trainees a fruitful stay and successful training and development. She said that that they will be honourable and enlightened role models, not only for the New Valley but also for the rest of the governorates.
Ms. Hanan Magdy began her speech by welcoming the trainees to the Academy. She thanked Dr. Rasha, and said, “I have a mix of different feelings: happiness, gratitude and pride. I feel happy because I consider the National Training Academy to be my second home. I am also grateful to see the governmental cadres of the New Valley, which is my first home, presented today in my second home. I am so grateful to Dr. Rasha and to all those in charge of providing this opportunity”.

She added: “I feel so proud that the National Training Academy has reached such a great position in a very short time. It has acquired its local, African and international positions so fast. This is a miracle, not a simple achievement. It is due to the wise and distinguished leadership we are proud of and the powerful team of dear colleagues and friends working at the National Training Academy”.

Ms. Hanan Magdy emphasized the importance of the Efficient Governmental Employee Program, describing it as the heart of the local government. The front line employees are in direct contact with people. This is the basis pillar of administrative work. She said that the achievement of sustainable development and having a clear and complete vision are for the benefit of Egyptians.

At the end of her speech, she wished that the trainees benefit the best from the program in order for them to transfer their experience and knowledge to their colleagues in the various departments at the governorate head offices.

It is worth mentioning that the Efficient Governmental Employee Program is one of the specialized programs offered by the National Training Academy. It has customized training content that suits the different practical and scientific backgrounds of the employees working in the governorate head offices. This includes several important pillars such as Human Resources Management, Egypt 2030 Strategy, Information Security, Big Data, Governance and Rational Leadership for Institutions, Change Management, Customer Relations, Project Management, Effective Communication in the Workplace, Teamwork Management and Effective Strategic Planning.
Training 20 employees of the head office of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate was completed last September.
About the National Training Academy:
The National Training Academy was established upon a presidential decree in August 2017 to be the beacon of development and learning in Egypt and the driving force for human development in the fields of science and knowledge at the local, regional and international levels.

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