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National Training Academy in a visit to the Ministry of Awqaf

April 20 2019

Dr. Rascha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, visited the Ministry of Awqaf to discuss ways of cooperation between the Academy and the Ministry. In her visit, she was accompanied by a group of trainees from the leadership program for Islamic Preachers, one of the programs offered by the Academy.
Dr. Rascha Ragheb was received by the Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mohammed Moukhtar Gomaa. The visit included an open meeting with the trainees in the presence of Dr. Osama Al Azhari, Advisor for Religious Affairs, Dr. Sabri Yassin, First Deputy Minister and Head of the Regional Directorates Sector, and Dr. Hussein Abdalbari, Head of the Central Administration for Advocacy Affairs.
The meeting began by Dr. Mukhtar Gomaa’s welcoming & appreciation to Dr. Rascha for her great efforts. “We work together in all that serves our religion, our homeland and the common good.” Dr. Rascha thanked the minister for the hospitality and spoke about the cooperation and integration between the National Training Academy, the Ministry of Awqaf and Al-Azhar Foundation in the training of preachers and getting them exposed to a lot of knowledge at all levels. She also stressed, “Egypt is the stronghold of true moderate Islam, and the error from a doctor or an engineer is individual, but the error from a preacher is that of thousands of individuals. Preachers must have the sufficient awareness of both religion and life matters to be able to address the whole world showing true Islam and its eminence.”
Ragheb added that the training of preachers is the first project of a larger national project to achieve the integration of the state with all its institutions. Investing in human capital is one of the most important wealth of the state as man is about development and change.
Dr. Rascha praised the speech of the Minister of Awqaf and for the Ministry’s efforts in translating the religious discourse into 15 languages to be broadcasted by radio. “This is a promising beginning to communicate with the world”, she said.
At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Awqaf granted the Academy a series of books, some of which revolve around the legitimacy of the national state, the main participants in the heavenly laws and the understanding of the Sunnah of the Prophet. In addition, all the trained preachers had a tour within the Office of the Ministry to see how a normal work day goes.

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