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The Completion of the Ministry of Justice Senior Leaders’ Training at the National Training Academy

January 30 2021

On Saturday, January 30th, the training program offered to the Ministry of Justice senior leaders including 13 assistant ministers, 5 chiefs of primary courts, and 8 advisor members of the technical office of the Minister of Justice was concluded at the National Training Academy. The training program took place at NTA premises over 4 training days with a total of 24 training hours. This program was the result of the directive of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. It is considered the first of its kind since the National Training Academy cooperated with the Ministry of Justice, represented by the National Centre for Judicial Studies, in designing it as a result of the Ministry’s firm belief in the importance of developing its human capital.

Counsellor Tariq Ali, Assistant to the Minister of Justice, explained the concept of the program by saying: “The idea was initiated by the Minister of Justice and the National Training Academy”. He added: “We work at the Ministry as judges. Judicial work is mostly technical work and is not related to administrative work, which we do also on a daily basis. The training program was designed to enhance the administrative skills needed and for the judges to get acquainted with the updated fields of administration.
Counsellor Sherif al-Diasti, Assistant to Minister of Justice, also revealed the main objective of the training program by saying, “We need it! This training is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity. We as judges undertake administrative tasks at the level of Egypt’s courts and property registration offices. This requires a certain level of management skills in order to perform our tasks. Therefore, we always strive to train those in charge of these positions to give them a better chance to achieve their tasks accurately and quickly.
The training program received positive feedback from the counsellors at the end of the actual training. They expressed their happiness to receive rich and updated content in a short period of time, wishing to repeat the training experience with more comprehensive content and a longer training period.

The Ministry of Justice leadership training program was designed with the aim of qualifying its staff in general, as well as raising their efficiency and training them on the latest management theories that are suitable for their work in Egypt or any other country. The program focused on the following main pillars: Emotional and Social Intelligence, Effective Leadership, Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Self Branding.

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