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The Completion of the Training Program for Candidates Nominated to Work in Egyptian Commercial Offices Abroad

January 28 2021

The National Training Academy celebrated yesterday, Wednesday January 27th, the completion of the first batch of the training program provided to 29 minister plenipotentiaries and commercial advisors who are nominated to work in Egyptian commercial offices abroad. The training program started on January 10th and lasted for 14 training days.
Dr. Rasha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy, welcomed the First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Head of Commercial Representation, Dr. Ahmed Maghawry, and expressed her happiness at his presence at the Academy. She also congratulated the trainees on the completion of the training program. She said that the Academy is ready to provide all means of support to the Ministry, whether in the form of consultations or other training programs, and wished all graduates success in the future.
Dr. Ahmed Maghawry in turn expressed his gratitude to the staff of the National Training Academy and to Dr. Rasha Ragheb for their professionalism, cooperation and passion to achieve the role of the Academy in qualifying Egyptian cadres to carry out their work and serve the state in all fields. Dr. Maghawry presented the Commercial Representation trophy to Dr. Ragheb on behalf of the graduates.
Dr. Ahmed Maghawry also stated that this training program is highly important since it provides other dimensions that complement the nature of the technical work carried out by the Commercial Representation members. He confirmed that the training program was custom made to suit the trainees’ ranks as they are senior leaders in Commercial Representation. It was designed to include such pillars as Dealing with Media, Strategic Planning, Leadership Skills, and Team Building Skills. The training program also included important seminars with research centers to discuss international economic issues such as Digital Economy, Digital Transformation, Green Economy, International Commercial Disputes, and new trends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also included updates in the international arena that affect global economy and Egypt’s involvement and valuable position on the map of global economy.
On the other hand, Dr. Maghawry said: “Different training pillars complemented others, which gives us strong motivation to repeat such training. It has also been a great opportunity for these leaders to meet and rediscover each other in these 14 days. They discussed strategic topics related to the development of the institution. In addition, this training has brought the trainees closer on the personal level. They developed positive personal relationships, which in turn will develop positive organizational behavior. We consider ourselves as key players to achieve the President’s vision of Egyptian exports exceeding 100 billion dollars. We hope to play an effective role in this direction, and to strongly contribute to the realization of this Egyptian ambition.”
Dr. Maghawry asserted that the National Training Academy plays a significant role. He said: “The Academy was born big. I was pleased to be selected as a lecturer for colleagues sent to work in Egyptian cultural offices abroad. We all work to achieve one goal. There was a need for a common platform to bring us closer to understanding the nature of our business, and this was achieved through the Academy.”
Dr. Maha Zakaria, Commercial Advisor in Commercial Representation and Deputy Director of the Americas Department, also one of the trainees in this program, said: “The content of the training program is rich and varied. It is also relevant to the work of commercial representatives. It includes a number of important topics such as the National Security Pillar, which tackles developments in the international arena. We also learned about Information Technology and software updates and how to keep work, data, people and families secured. Also, we learned how to best deal with the media and presentation skills to use in conferences and forums. We have also studied academic topics that can be applied to our work in offices abroad such as Effective Leadership, Team Building, Human Resources, and Social Intelligence. In addition, we were exposed to other aspects that are closely related to the nature of our work, such as the Egyptian Economy, Changes in the Global System, and the Effects of the Corona Virus.’’ Finally, she praised the trainers for their excellent performance and emphasized that the training program will definitely have a positive impact on the work of Commercial Representatives.

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