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The graduation of the first batch of the Civil Servants Administration Skills Program in Port Said

July 4 2019

National Training Academy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform, celebrated the graduation of the first batch of the Civil Servants Administration Skills Program in Port Said. The program aims at qualifying civil servants on the first, second and third levels in the governorate to deal with the vision of the Egyptian state targeting the development of the system of local administration and raising the efficiency of the administrative system by improving the performance of the human forces that drive local work, which goes in line with the digital transformation of Port Said Governorate.

This came from the firm belief of the National Training Academy of Change; and that the renaissance of the government comes only through its employees. This takes place after equipping them with the administration skills needed in order for them to have an effective impact on the performance of government agencies and transform those agencies to be more influential and supportive. Therefore, NTA designed this program believing in its vital role in developing human cadres in the executive levels and raising their efficiency managing their work and achieving it in the best way in order to achieve the best possible results according to the international standards.

Each course in the program takes 10 days, in which the employee receives training on Etiquette, Ethics of the Civil Servant, Dealing with the Public, Effective Communication Skills, Financial Literacy for Non-Finance Professionals, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Team Building, Strategic Thinking and Innovation, Knowledge Management, Local Administration Law, Civil Service Law, and Combating Corruption.

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