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The most prominent statements of Egyptian governors about the field training of the General Mohamed Al-Assar batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program in Egyptian governorates

November 9 2020

Field training for the General Mohamed Al-Assar batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program in twenty six governorates has ended and the evaluation committees have completed their work. Several delegations of the National Training Academy staff have visited provincial offices and remote meetings via video conferencing have been organized with Dr. Rascha Ragheb, The Executive Director of the National Academy. The field training started on October 3rd and lasted for a whole month, in cooperation between the National Training Academy and the Ministry of Local Development, under the auspices of governors in each governorate and under the daily and direct supervision of the governors’ deputies. The training aimed to enhance the trainees’ awareness of the practical challenges facing the state represented in the governorates as a microcosm of Egypt, and to provide the knowledge, tools, skills and various practical experiences related to all aspects of public administration.
Dr. Rasha Ragheb said: “It is as if this batch was inspired by the owner of its name – General Muhammad Al-Assar’s patriotism, enthusiasm, perseverance, uniqueness and distinction. They work around the clock, every day of the week, race to maintain the momentum of the program, and insist on the success of the experience. How not, when only 79 trainees were selected from among the 11,000 applicants.”
Dr. Ragheb asserted that governors were truly success partners in this experience. They were the main sponsors and true leaders of the trainees. They assigned them tasks, fostered their development, and were keen to involve them in decision-making.
The following are the most prominent statements of the governors on the field training:
General Adel El-Ghadhban, Governor of Port Said: “Today I rest assured that Egypt’s future is great, as long as there are young people like those we have here.”
General Abdel-Fadil Shousha, Governor of North Sinai: “After going through the distinguished training program in North Sinai, the trainees are now able to assume leadership positions successfully.”
Counselor Mostafa Alham, Governor of Luxor: “I hope that the training period gets to be longer. We are waiting for a repeat of this experience with the new batches.”
General Jamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh: “The National Training Academy is not only a place for training and qualification, it is a place for change.”
General Hisham Amna, Governor of Al-Buhaira: “I believe in the necessity of creating second line leaders in order to build the country.”
Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum: “It is a wonderful experience by all standards. It proves that Egypt is on the right track when it comes to youth.”
General Khaled Shuaib, Governor of Matrouh: “The trainees showed of a great deal of responsibility, and they were the best ambassadors for the National Training Academy.”
General Ashraf Al-Daoudi, Governor of Qena: “We are happy to see the future of Egypt in such young people as the graduates of the National Training Academy. They did a lot of work and left their mark in every administrative area in the governorate.”
Dr. Mohamed Hani, Governor of Beni Suef: “I am proud that I am dealing with new batches of trainees. Their performance in the field training is outstanding and real.”
It is worth noting that the Executive Presidential Leadership Program aims to build highly qualified cadres, who are able to understand and use modern techniques in policy-making, manage the decision-making process, and apply a modern style of thinking in line with the latest successful international applications and models, making them able to assume various leadership positions. 190 trainees graduated in the first batch in January 2018, and another 79 trainees graduated in the second batch, whose field training started on October 3rd and lasted for a month in twenty-six governorates. The third batch began on November 8th. The current number of 65 trainees will get 9 months of theoretical training and 3 months of field training.

About the National Training Academy:
The National Training Academy was established upon a presidential decree in August 2017 to be the beacon of development and learning in Egypt and the driving force for human development in the fields of science and knowledge at the local, regional and international levels.

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