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The National Training Academy signs a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development

December 14 2020

The National Training Academy, represented by the Excutive Director Dr. Rasha Ragheb, signed a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development, represented by General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, today, Monday, December 14th, at the Academy’s premises. According to this protocol, the National Training Academy becomes the advisory body entrusted with developing the Saqqara Local Development Center by applying modern training systems and offering training programs.
Dr. Rasha Ragheb welcomed General Mahmoud Shaarawi who has always been a great support to the National Training Academy and to many of its activities. Talking about restructuring the Local Development Center in Saqqara, Dr. Rasha emphasized that the center and the academy must be on equal footing of distinction, adding that she sees this event as a success for the integration of Egyptian state entities.
General Mahmoud Shaarawi indicated that the continuous and constructive cooperation between the Ministry and the National Training Academy started in 2019 and continues until now. There are many activities in which the Ministry cooperates with the Academy. This includes conducting specialized, general, behavioral and leadership tests at the Academy’s premises for local leadership applicants applying for competitions announced and administered by the Ministry. The Ministry, in addition to training the governors’ deputies and holding interactive workshops for them, also cooperates to train workers in the localities, especially those who deal with the public directly. This happens through the initiative of the Professional Civil Servant and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications. One of the main restructuring accomplishments is the Local Development Training Center in Saqqara, which is the training arm for the Ministry and that carries out more than 130 training programs for civil servants annually, benefiting more than 5,000 trainees over the course of 42 training weeks.
The Minister of Local Development explained that in line with the presidential directive to train 200 second liners, training programs were designed and implemented in addition to a number of distinguished graduates of the future preparation courses organized annually by Saqqara Training Center. The Academy will design, plan and implement 52 training courses through five major training programs directed to spokespersons and media figures in the governorates, training directors, training centers, heads of state and neighborhoods, general secretaries, assistants and secretaries of all governorates. These courses include: public speaking, media, protocol, etiquette, managing effective media campaigns during crises, digital marketing, Egypt Vision 2030, Digital transformation and information security, governance and leadership, change management and resistance, project management, and effective strategic planning.

Following the signing of the protocol, the Minister met with the EPLP3 trainees. He congratulated them on getting admitted after a journey of fine filtration and assuring them that they must always strive to excel in everything, whether they work in political, governmental or private sectors. He talked with them about the field training experience in the governorates that they will go through at the end of the program, wishing them success and promising them another meeting in which they will talk at length about the localities.
It is worth noting that the cooperation between the National Training Academy and the Ministry of Local Development is not recent. One of the most important aspects of such cooperation is the field training for graduates of the second batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program. The trainees spent an entire month inside the governorates’ offices, working under the auspices of the governors, and under the direct supervision of their representatives. The National training Academy also participated in the process of screening and selecting applicants for leadership positions in the local administration from 1,600 candidates who were received at its premises.
About the National Training Academy:
The National Training Academy was established upon a presidential decree in August 2017 to be the beacon of development and learning in Egypt and the driving force for human development in the fields of science and knowledge at the local, regional and international levels.

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