Strategic Partners

École Nationale d'Administration (ENA)

The École Nationale D’Administration (ENA) is one of the most prestigious graduate schools in France established in 1945 by Michel Debré to identify and train senior executives in the country and enable its graduates to reach high levels in both public & private sectors.

NTA launches the “École Nationale d’Administration d’Egypte” Program

The declaration signed on October 24th, 2017, between the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry and his French counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drian, is a part of an initiative to strengthen cultural, educational, higher educational, scientific and technical cooperation between Egypt & France. Both the National Training Academy and ENA decided to launch ENA Egypt program, which aims to train and enable all Egyptian civil servants to accommodate and adapt to changing managerial & administrative needs.

ENA website

Ministry of State for Emigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs

Within the framework of the convergence of the visions of both the National Training Academy and the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs to train and support the cadres of Egyptian youth abroad, the two parties signed a protocol to cooperate together and work jointly in achieving that vision. The Ministry of State for Emigration and the National Training Academy agreed to include training programs from the academy within the Ministry programs related to young Egyptians abroad visits to their home country. As well as to connect the youth from the Presidential Leadership program to these Egyptian youth residing abroad, to exchange experiences among them and create joint working groups that help find solutions to the challenges facing Egypt.


National Council For Women

The National Council for Women is keen on strengthening its efforts to support women and improving their capacities also enabling them economically, socially and politically. It contributes in leadership and decision-making positions to penetrate the fields of entrepreneurship and human development as primary and fundamental tracks for improving the indicators of Egyptian women in Egypt 2030 vision and sustainable development goals by focusing on the fifth goal of the empowerment of women, in addition to the positive impact on the improvement of national indicators at the regional and international level.

The National Training Academy signs a cooperation protocol with the National Council for Women.

The National Training Academy, represented by Dr. Rascha Ragheb, Executive Director of the Academy, signed a cooperation protocol with the National Council for Women, represented by Dr. Maya Morsi, the President of the Council, supporting the National Training Academy’s belief in the role and status of Egyptian women. This cooperation includes that the Academy trains the young leaders of the National Council for Women and qualifies them for leadership as wells as prepares the Academy to be a friendly institution for working mothers, at the headquarters of the Council.


The Geneva Centre for Security Policy

The GCSP is an international foundation established in 1995, with 52 member states, with the primary purpose of promoting peace, security and international cooperation through executive education, dialogue opportunities, policy analysis and research. It offers a global platform of knowledge and practices of international security affairs based on new innovative teaching methods centered on bridging experience and expertise. The Centre also supports a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multigenerational group of talented individuals and helps in incubating and accelerating the promising projects in the fields of peace and security by offering spaces and resources that support research, foster creativity and collaboration, and expand networks. More than 1300 participants graduate from the GCSP annually, making its Alumni community more than 7200 graduates, some of which hold prestigious titles such as: Heads of State, Foreign Minister, Head of Armed Forces, Ambassador, Chief Executive Director, and UN Special Representative.

The National Training Academy signs a cooperation protocol with the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) – Switzerland

The National Training Academy signed a memorandum of understanding with the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) on May 1st in Geneva, within the National Academy’s strategic framework to support partnerships with major international entities to transfer and exchange of information and expertise, and to build and develop the capabilities and skills of leading cadres through study trips, visits and fellowship opportunities in various fields.