01. Psychometric Test

It aims to measure fixed competencies and skills, as the training program is designed according to the psychological batteries prepared to ensure compatibility and measure the effect on the applicants, and this effect has already appeared on the results of the trainees.

Through several main pillars such as:

  1. Mental abilities
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Social skills
  4. Mental health (mental disorders)
  5. Functional features

02. English language test

Providing the fact that statesmen must use different languages, they must take the English placement test to determine their level of English Language. Applicants develop their foreign language skills through various training programs.

03. Arabic language test

To measure the level of applicants which enables them to use the Arabic language in official correspondences professionally which is proper for state employees, especially those who are in leading positions in various authorities.

04. Culture and knowledge test

To determine the different levels of the enrollees and measure their knowledge in different fields.

Types of Assignments

  1. Presidential assignment
    It is commissioned by His Excellency the President of the Republic
  2. Nomination of destinations
    Candidates are nominated by the entity for testing and evaluation.
  3. Individual Programs
    In which individuals applying for the training program are tested for filtration