World Youth Forum


The Beginning

On 25 April 2017, a group of young Egyptians presented an initiative at the National Youth Conference in Ismailia to engage in dialogue with youth around the world. On 24 July 2017, President Abdelfattah El-Sisi officially responded at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina during the National Youth Conference in Alexandria, launching the First World Youth Forum (WYF), which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2017.

World Youth Forum 2019

The World Youth Forum 2019, in its third edition, was launched in Sharm El-Sheikh from 14 to 17 December 2019 under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The participants in the forum discussed a set of issues and files that revolve in the minds of young people at the local, regional and international levels, especially in the era of unprecedented technological developments, and the challenges posed by climate change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Main Recommendations of the World Youth Forum 2019
  • Launching an African initiative for digital transformation and government excellence, in cooperation with the United Nations African Laboratory for Technology Innovation and the African Union.
  • Calling for the launch of an African initiative to combat digital piracy to secure highly sensitive information as a bulwark against attempts at digital penetration.
  • Establishing an Arab-African electronic platform for women, which includes a digital library of all studies, research papers and reports on women, highlighting and disseminating successful women's initiatives, and supporting ways of financing them.
  • Calling for the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Committee to Combat Hate on Cyberspace, to study proposals to combat hate speech, extremism and bullying on social media in accordance with international standards, and to call on the United Nations to adopt an international protocol to combat hate speech, extremism and bullying through the means of the international network and social media.
  • The National Training Academy in Egypt has developed the executive mechanisms to launch the presidential program for training Euro-Mediterranean youth on leadership.
  • Call for the implementation of the 2021 African Union initiative to create “one million jobs".
  • Launching a research initiative for African universities to focus on the various technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to study ways to benefit from them to solve the continent's problems.
  • Launching an initiative to support developers of Blockchain applications in various fields, to support the sustainable development goals, in cooperation with the WYF Labs platform launched by the World Youth Forum to encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Launching a global initiative entitled “Art for Humanity" as a platform to embrace the creativity of young people, through the establishment of a live drawing exhibition through which artists work to embody the identity of their different countries and carry out plastic works inspired by their environments.
  • Establishing information exchange centers between countries and inviting educational, financial and economic institutions to support innovators around the world.

World Youth Forum 2018

The 2018 World Youth Forum was launched under the patronage of the National Training Academy under the auspices of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of Egypt, November 2nd – 6th, 2018, in Sharm El-Sheikh, the land of peace.

The forum witnessed a significant increase in the number of members registered to attend its activities compared to the first version of 2017. The number of applicants to attend the forum reached 81 thousand young men and women from 195 countries between the ages of 18 and 40, of which 63 thousand to participate and attend meetings, and 13 thousand to participate as speakers, while 5 thousand artists to participate in the World Youth Theatre. Five thousand young men and women from 145 countries from around the world were invited to participate in the forum.

Main Recommendations of the World Youth Forum 2018
  • Declaring Aswan as the Capital of African Youth for 2019 by having the Arab and African Platform launched during this year to examine the most prominent issues and challenges faced by youth in the African continent and the Arab region.
  • Having Egyptian State’s agreement on Sharm El-Sheikh’s Declaration of Arab-African Integration issued by Model Arab African Summit, and to have it adopted as an official document submitted by Egypt at the Arab League and the African Union Commission via the State’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Assigning the National Training Academy to develop executive mechanism to train Arab and African youth in all political, economic and social fields, and to launch the African Presidential Leadership Program.
  • Having the Egyptian State adopt, with all its institutions, the established principle of saving lives and combating terrorism and its impact as a fundamental human right, and to form a collective group of youth participating in the Forum from around the globe with the State’s institutions to extend material and moral support to victims of terrorism in the world.
  • Forming a specialized research group under the supervision of the forum’s administration to investigate advantages and disadvantages of the excessive use of social media platforms, and to set some perspective and executive mechanisms to maximize the advantages of social media platforms and lessen their negative impact.
  • Launching a publicity campaign by State’s organs in collaboration with the forum’s administration to raise public and youth awareness of the criticality of water security, and to have it on the agenda of international community.
  • Launching an international initiative to train 10 thousand young Egyptians and Africans as electronic games developers in the coming three years, and supporting establishing 100 companies specialized in this field.
  • Directing State’s institutions to work on establishing an entrepreneurship regional center to provide all means of support necessary for start-ups in Egypt and region’s countries.
  • Forming a committee to manage the Humanity Revival Memorial, and to transform the memorial to become an international institution aiming at maintaining humanity principles and to provide support for violence and terrorism victims.
  • Assigning Cabinet Ministers to form a committee from Ministries of Social Solidarity and Foreign Affairs and concerned organs to develop a comprehensive conceptualization to amend the governing law of non-governmental civic society organizations in Egypt through examining international experiences and holding a community dialogue involving youth.

World Youth Forum 2017

The idea of the forum goes back to the fourth National Youth Conference in Ismailia in April 2017 when H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of Egypt, invited youth from Egypt and around the world to participate in a “World Youth Forum" in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2017 to convey a message of peace, development and love from the land of Egypt. World Youth Forum 2017 agenda included a variety of axes which discussed important cases and topics related to youth groups from around the world as follows:

  • Civilizations and cultures axis
  • Making leaders of the future axis
  • United Nations Simulation Model
Main Recommendations of the World Youth Forum 2017
  • Entrusting National Training Academy’s Board of Trustees to undertake an educational and cultural exchange program with all academies, institutes and equivalent training centers and allocating a number of seats for full scholarships to learners from Arab, African, Asian and Latin American countries.
  • Mandating World Youth Forum’s Organizing Committee, under the direct supervision of the Presidential Office, to take the necessary actions to transform it to an international center concerned with Arab, African and international dialogue among world youth targeting mechanisms of dialogue to establish peace and development.
  • Assigning Foreign Ministry, in coordination with all State’s concerned organs and international organisations and institutions- with the United Nations General Assembly on the top of them, to adopt United Nations Simulation Model’s resolutions undertaken by Egyptian and world youth, and to further expand its implementation in future forums in all institutions and international and regional organizations.
  • Mandating the World Youth Forum’s Organizing Committee, in coordination with State’s institutions and organs, to hold the Forum in November of each year.
  • Assigning Ministries of Culture, Antiquities, Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Planning to take all necessary actions to establish a civilization and culture integration center which is intended to activate cultural acquaintance and convergence mechanisms among world youth for civilizations and cultures integration.
  • Assigning the World Youth Forum Organizing Committee, in cooperation with all State’s organs and institutions, to establish the “Egyptian-African Center" with the goal of providing sponsorship for youth potentials of the African continent in all fields.
  • Assigning the World Youth Forum’s Organizing Committee to form a committee of experts from different countries of the world to set a global strategy to combat issues of irregular migration, extremism and illiteracy, and to put the strategy to discussion in events held by the forum starting from beginning of 2018.
  • Mandating Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Minister of Communications and Information Technology, in coordination with Scientific Research Academy and Egyptian universities, to establish a regional center to sponsor technological innovations from Arab and African countries.
  • Assigning World Youth Forum’s Organizing Committee to host youth delegates from different countries around the world to hold workshops and discussion panels throughout 2018 around different issues and topics discussed in the forum while activating all modern communication mechanisms to guarantee broadening participation base in conversing with youth from around the globe.
  • Mandating Cabinet Ministers, in coordination with concerned ministries, to establish a regional center to sponsor entrepreneurship and to fund small and micro industries