State Leadership


About State Leadership School

The State Leadership school "SLS" addresses the training requirements of different organizations "public sector organizations" with regards to qualifying and developing the professional skills of their employees and enabling them to perform their work in a manner that reflects on increasing their productivity and efficiency levels.

Programs Customization

National Training Academy meets the various training requirements of different organizations through the design of specialized programs with a unique methodology to address the challenges faced by each side.

This requires that the National Training Academy’s experts meet with the decision-makers of the organization to discuss its own requirements, culture, objectives, and purpose of training, and on this basis design a program or several programs that will be the solution to the institutional development of the organization. The Academy assumes the role of being key partner in the development and progress cycle of the organization, not just a service provider.

National Training Academy offers a wide range of tailor-made programs as a solution that focuses on training and enhancing the abilities of executives and managers working in various institutions. These various programs aim to develop the capabilities and skills of the trainees to enable them to perform their work in a professional manner that would reflect on increasing their productivity and efficiency levels; as a result it will enhance the institutions’ performance, in order to meet the requirements and developments within the international labor market and its dynamic change.

Assigned Programs

Under the SLS, NTA is frequently assigned to create various tailor-made training programs for various governmental entities that comes through the direct assigning of H.E Abdel Fattah Elsissi and H.E Cabinet Prime Minister.

Types of Assignments

  1. Presidential assignment
    It is commissioned by His Excellency the President of the Republic
  2. Nomination of destinations
    Candidates are nominated by the entity for testing and evaluation.
  3. Individual Programs
    In which individuals applying for the training program are tested for filtration

Deputy Governors

For the first time in Egypt, National Training Academy was assigned by H.E Mr. Abdelfattah El Sisi – The President of Egypt, to train the new deputy governors before taking over their jobs

Contractual Programs

Under the SLS, NTA provides contractual programs upon the respective requests of various governmental entities to help them bridge an identified gap in their human capacity building and performance

Training program for the members of the Supreme Council of Universities

The training program for the members of the Supreme Council of Universities - Presidents of Egyptian universities was implemented, based on the protocol signed between the Academy and the Council to develop the human element within the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and to train on the latest theories and methods of global management

They said

We have always said that youth lack experience, meaning they may remain enthusiastic, impulsive and have very beautiful ideas, but they may still lack practical and practitioner experience, therefore we used to choose people for positions without having the sufficient experience and training, that is why we took into consideration the importance of providing the best training possible in a place like the National Training Academy

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly
Prime Minister of Egypt

With the expansions we made in the university education system, a very important part of these expansions was the development of the human capital, from the top management to the youngest faculty member.
Today there is no training institution that provides outputs like that offered by the National Training Academy

Dr. Khaled Abdelghaffar
Minister of Higher Education & Scientific research