NTA Social


Our CSR strategy has a criterion of choice on who to partner with in business so we would be partnering for the goals achieving more than just a business transaction or value exchange.

At NTA, we decided that every piece that the trainee takes as a memento from the academy or even uses inside the lecture hall should have a story behind that is worth telling. Also, each piece NTA purchases to pass on to its alumni or cherished guests has an inspiring story to tell.

Also, in appreciation and gratitude for the vital role of Egyptian women in our society; for the sake of empowering Egyptian women across all walks of life, and because women represent the main cornerstone of our work forces and society, NTA has been selective in terms of partnering for CSR.

Badara’s Story

Baddara is an entrepreneurial start up that chose to recycles agricultural waste such as wicker, palm leaves, camel grass, banana leaves and leather industry waste to be used as their main materials. in creating modern products with a cultural twist, such as embroidered palm leaves bags and various handcrafted products.

Baddara also started to train aspiring mothers and women with idle talents to revive our Egyptian artistic heritage.

The start-up now includes more than 250 female breadwinners in all parts of Egypt, and we continue to add more.

Doodle Factory

Doodle Factory is a design centric Egyptian brand which inclusively empowers children in need by enabling them to take part in bettering their own lives through utilizing the children's creativity. Doodle Factory inspires the designs of their products from children doodling, and then directs their revenues towards funding the medical, educational and shelter needs of children.

Scarabaeus saucer

Scarabaeus saucer, established in 2018 as a brand name specialized in sustainable, ethical, premium quality clothing and accessories for both women and men. A give-back brand unapologetically advocating for social and environmental issues.

They produce 100% organic cotton T-shirts that are made from the finest cotton in the world, with a uber soft texture, lightweight, breathable, and also super fashionable. Also, their products are all certified; recycled, plastic-free, recyclable and reusable.