Executive Education

Presidential Leadership School

Presidential Leadership School (PLS) works to inject competent cadres into the pipelines of the governmental sector and any other sectors that contribute to building and supporting the national economy and developing and raising the efficiency and performance of their workers in the administrative sector of the state.

State Leadership School

Tailor made programs that address training requirements of public sector organizations and other state entities to qualify and develop the professional skills of state employees.

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Contractual Programs
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Executive Presidential Leadership Program
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African Presidential Leadership Program
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Presidential Leadership Program
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Junior Presidential Leadership Program
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Advanced Presidential Leadership Program
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Corporate Leadership School

Address training requirements of different organizations, private sector organizations with regards to qualifying and developing the professional skills of their employees to enable them to perform their work in a manner that reflects on increasing productivity and efficiency levels.

International Leadership School

Our cooperation extends to the most prominent & prestigious international institutions in order to develop new specialized programs and exchange experiences to keep abreast of modern means of learning and the latest developments in different knowledge domains via the integration of local and regional expertise.

Corporates' Programs
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Leadership for Executives Program (LEP)
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NTA Initiatives

The main objective of the program rotates around the transformation of mid-level employees inside the governmental sector in order to elevate the proficiency level of services provided to their clients (Egyptian citizens) to higher levels.

Professional Civil Servant (PCS)
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NTA Moments


We have always said that youth lack experience, meaning they may remain enthusiastic, impulsive and have very beautiful ideas, but they may still lack practical and practitioner experience, therefore we used to choose people for positions without having the sufficient experience and training, that is why we took into consideration the importance of providing the best training possible in a place like the National Training Academy

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly
Prime Minister of Egypt

I believe that the academy is a great achievement and its design is ideal for group and individual training and will be able to provide the highest level of training for young learners

Patrick Gerard
President du l'Ecole Nationale d'Administration (l'ENA)

I am firm believer in the power of education, and this is why GCSP strongly also supports NTA in its activities because it's a good way for institutions of the government to build upon the capacities of its civil servants, diplomats, & other government officials to be able to face the new issues that we all face; either in our department ministries, but also collectively.

Amb. Christian Dussey
GCSP Former Director

For Korea we are lacking for natural resources. We have only human resources & we are sure Egypt also has the smart policy of educating the future executive members of your government

H.E. Mr. Hong Jin-Wook
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Cairo

The day was too exciting. I met wonderful candidates with high potential & from different backgrounds, with lots of ambition & willingness to move forward. It's an honor & chance for me to be here I also had the chance to meet wonderful candidates, very impressive by their skills, talents & experience.

Mr. Francois Legue
Charge d'affaires - Ambassade de France au Caire

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