The consultancy Services Unit was founded as one of National Training Academy’s most important core of business based on the first article of the Presidential Decree No. 434 of 2017 with the aim of supporting game changers and helping them to achieve the vision and mission of their organization and turn them into reality.

National Training Academy is committed to deliver high quality consultancy services to its clients through NTA enablers; knowledge, experienced practitioners and technology.

NTA's Consultancy Services Portfolio:

NTA provides consultancy services in the following main areas:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organizational Restructuring
  3. Training Operations
  4. Content Development
  5. Information Technology


National Training Academy offers a wide range of tailor-made programs as a solution that focuses on training and enhancing the abilities of executives and managers working in various institutions. These various programs aim to develop the capabilities and skills of the trainees to enable them to perform their work in a professional manner that would reflect on increasing their productivity and efficiency levels.

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Current Projects

Saqqara Local Development Training Center

The Local Development Training Centre in Saqqara (established in August 1991) is affiliated to Ministry of Local Development and considered a hub of all training activities in the field of local development.

Saqqara targets more than one million and half employees working in the field of local development cross the nation. The main role of Saqqara Center is to provide an institutional framework that combines academic study and practical experience, as well as best practices in order to achieve human capitalization of employees and qualifying a second line of leaders in the local development field.

This form of cooperation between National Training Academy and Ministry of Local Development is considered the first of its type, in which a government entity seeks consultant services from another government entity. This is aligned with NTA vision to be a catalyst for human capitalization. National Training Academy offers consultancy services to Saqqara Center in different areas including strategic Planning, Organizational Restructure, Training, E-Learning and Information Technology.


Execution timeframe of the project is divided into 2 phases, as follows:
Phase I: 3 Months
Phase II: 9 Months

Kafr El-Sheikh Training Center

Kafr El Sheikh governorate is one of the pioneering governorates for its large national projects through which the employees will manage these projects. From here the idea of establishing a training center came to train the employees and develop their capabilities. National Training Academy offers consultancy services to Kafr Elsheikh new Training Center in different areas including strategic Planning, Organizational Restructure, Media and Marketing strategies, Training, E-Learning and Information Technology.


One year

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