Women Lead in the Egyptian Governorates

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NTA, is a Human Development Catalyst and Intellectual stimulant missioned to alleviate and bridge the gap of professional technocrat leadership that is much needed for different positions and missions in the Egyptian State. The type of Leadership that transcends the boundaries of its own mission towards impacting society and humanity at large. Since its inception, NTA strategies are wired around very rigorous policies, procedures and KPI’s for Employees’, Trainers’ and trainees recruitment. To realize a ripple effect and cover as efficient as possible the gap for tuned and capable leadership, NTA approached management and leadership from both top-bottom and bottom-top in parallel not sequential lanes. This approach created a common know-how and language down the same management chain of command. NTA transformational programs target different segments and different leadership levels from ministers and governors down to the front-liners. Their transformational journey is created by trimmed and tailored trainings and experiential simulations and shadowing through NTA and its rich Local and international strategic renowned Network and partners in human development. NTA training experience provides them with a different level of awareness and ability to transform their performance. A new addition to this list of specially designed programs is the launch of The Egyptian Woman Abroad Programs is the first in a series of programs addressing Women for Leadership topics NTA plans on offering.

Women Lead in the Egyptian Governorates


“Women Lead in the Egyptian Governorates” is one of the funded programs offered by the National Training Academy in partnership with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, as part of the Egyptian state’s strategy to enhance the capabilities, knowledge, and skills of women, aiming to avail an opportunity for them in the market to secure their economic well-being and enable them to be re-employed in the constantly changing markets. The program aims to provide numerous topics and training pillars to a group of Egyptian women across the Egyptian governorates, in line with the Egyptian state’s vision 2030 focusing on developing and empowering women, and in accordance with the sustainable development goals approved by the United Nations as well. The funded training program “Women Lead in the Egyptian Governorates” is among a series of programs, initiatives and training scholarships directed to women from different walks of life. This program specifically targets women in the Egyptian governorates whose ages range between 22 and 50 years. The program lasts for 23 training days per batch, during which the trainees will be enriched with a valuable training experience in many disciplines and knowledge domains.

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Notable NTA Women ALUMNI

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Nada Maher El Domiaty

Liver Transplantation Consultant at International Medical Center

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Yasmin AbouZaid

Director of Nano- technological Research and Studies Center at Helwan University

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Sherine Wagih Morcos

General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities

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