Women Leadership School


The Egyptian State's Strategic Vision of Human Capital Development and Women Empowerment

One of the important facets of the New Republic, is the weight it gives the human capital development and women empowerment in its development efforts and priorities. The empowerment of women through education, training and leadership development is now a national priority. Hence, a national strategy surfaced with a clear bias for women empowerment that reverberated in Egypt Vision 2030 including four integrated pillars of action:

  • Political empowerment and strengthening the leadership role of women
  • Economic empowerment
  • Social security
  • Protection
NTA’s Role in Women Empowerment and Leadership Development

The abundant representation of women is clear and evident across NTA’s training programs and different Leadership schools. This increasing interest, encouraged the state to support unlocking women’s potentials through providing more opportunities for capable women in training & development. Parallel to that path, incentives are offered for corporates for availing more opportunities for women in leadership positions in public and private sectors.

In contribution to the above national surge to empower women, side to side of the Presidential Leadership School open-enrollment programs, NTA decided to offer a melange of training programs specifically directed to women under the umbrella of the "Women Leadership School | WLS", where the school's programs target ambitious Egyptian women whether they reside in Egypt or abroad, working or not, as long as they have the will and potentiality to start or resume their professional and social contribution, with the aim of reaching new heights. "Women Leadership School | WLS " brings together a set of training programs aiming at developing the skills and capabilities of Egyptian women offering them real opportunities for skilled, able and effective contribution to their societies and economies. The programs’ are designed to stimulating modern management skills, logical and creative thinking in a refined training experience.

Advantages | Women Leadership School | WLS
  • Provision of multiple training programs for various categories of Egyptian women residing in Egypt and abroad.
  • Provision of theoretical and practical training on the latest international theories and practices in leadership.
  • Meet-ups with decision makers to learn about decision-making mechanisms in different institutions.
  • World-class training methodology: Lectures and workshops, external visits, graduation projects, experiential shadowing and more.
  • Experiencing extra-curricular activities; sports, artistic and cultural activities.
  • Networking with candidates from multiple scientific, academic, professional and cultural backgrounds.
  • Benefiting from the International partnerships of NTA through the various modules and workshops they present along the program.
Eligibility Criteria | Women Leadership School | WLS

The school programs encompass wide segments of Egyptian women within the age range 22-50 years. On the condition they meet the eligibility criteria and pass the required tests; they can join programs for working and non-working women, all sectors are included public, private, Entrepreneurial, NGO sectors and being Egyptian whether living in Egypt or abroad

In Retrospect: The Percentage of women's participation in the various programs of NTA

Both, the percentage of women applying to open-enrollment training programs and the percentage of those who actually make it all the way through the admission criteria and succeed to join, is remarkable. Women represent more than 44% of NTA’s Alumni while they roughly represent 35% of those who have initially applied for the programs. The soaring difference in percentage shows the competence and competitiveness of the women candidates in passing the required tests that are designed according to international standards. Hence, comes the need for providing more opportunities for capable women in training and leadership roles.

Strategic Partnerships of the Women Leadership School | WLS

The National Training Academy launched the “Women Leadership School" with its array of programs. With the launch came pacing the support and strategic partnership with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to increase and diversify the school’s national footprint. More national partners expressed their support and offered cooperation like the National Council for Women and the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs. This coalition of national entities comes in line with the National Strategy Egypt 2030 in regards to the Empowerment of Egyptian Women.