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National Training Academy Launches an Advanced Leadership Skills Training Program on for Economic Court Judges at the Ministry of Justice and Managers of the Bank of Egypt

The Advanced Leadership Skills training program for 25 judges of the Economic Courts of the Ministry of Justice and 5 managers of the Bank of Egypt started on Sunday, May 30. The program has 162 training hours and is to last for 27 days at the premises of the National Training Academy.

The first day began with an introductory session on the National Training Academy and the achievements it has achieved since its establishment, followed by the beginning of the first day's lectures.

At the beginning of the first day, Dr. Rasha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, stated that "The training program for the judges of the Economic Courts and managers of the Bank of Egypt was designed and developed in accordance with the nature of their work and the vision of the state in training". She added that the training program introduces a number of topics that aim at developing the competencies and career merits of the trainees and refining their technical skills. The program includes a number of general knowledge topics, and the content prepared is very rich.

She also stated that the program is the first of its kind to be offered to judges in Economic Courts and managers of the Bank of Egypt, emphasizing that it is not the only example of the cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, but an extension of existing cooperation during which other members of the judiciary received training at NTA, such as the State Council, the State Litigation Authority, the Administrative Prosecution Authority, the Public Prosecutor's Office and Assistants to the Minister of Justice.

Dr. Rasha Ragheb confirmed that the program was designed in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, explaining that the Academy's team applies the latest scientific techniques in the design of training programs. This starts with assessing the training needs and the development of a program meeting those needs, not only in terms of training content and pillars, but also in terms of methodology and methods of training. Accordingly, the programs offered by the Academy are very effective and have a tangible impact on trainees.

The program’s main pillars are International Economy, International Financial Institutions, and International Economic Relations. The program also addresses some topics related to international law and arbitration and their impact on attracting foreign investments to developing countries.

The program also includes a number of other topics, such as Digital Transformation, Egypt Vision 2030, Egyptian Foreign Policy and international relations, and a number of technical and administrative topics closely related to economic courts such as Judicial Prosecution Mechanisms and Performance Measurement Tools. The training process will utilize interactive learning through lectures, case studies and discussions.

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