National Council For Women

The National Council for Women is keen on strengthening its efforts to support women and improving their capacities and also enabling them economically, socially and politically. It contributes to leadership and decision-making positions to penetrate the fields of entrepreneurship and human development as primary and fundamental tracks for improving the indicators of Egyptian women in Egypt’s 2030 vision and sustainable development goals by focusing on the fifth goal “women empowerment", in addition to the positive impact on the improvement of national indicators at the regional and international level.

In support of the National Training Academy’s belief in the role and status of Egyptian women, the National Training Academy, represented by Dr. Rascha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the Academy, signed a cooperation protocol with the National Council for Women, represented by Dr. Maya Morsi, the President of the Council. This cooperation states the NTA training for the young leaders of the National Council for Women and qualifying them for the leadership role, as well as preparing the council to be a friendly institution for working mothers, at the headquarters of the Council.