National Human Resources Development Institute (NHI)

The National Human Resources Development Institute (NHI), since its establishment in 1949, is the cradle of training and development for public officials in Korea and has sought to foster government officials who will lead change and innovation efforts. NHI carries out its role as the hub of public HRD by strengthening education on public service values, leadership, and global competencies. NHI shares and disseminates the governing philosophy of the administration to the government sector, while conducting public HRD focusing on public service values, leadership, expertise, and global competency. As a leading institution in national human resources development, NHI seeks to commit to public HRD research, to establish and operate the government e-Learning Platform, and to engage in exchange and cooperation with domestic public HRD organizations. NHI also reinforces global learning and relevant networks to spread the Korean wave in public administration.

A cooperation protocol has been signed on September 2020, through video conference event, between Dr. Rascha Ragheb, Executive Director of NTA, and Ms. Park Chun-ran, President of NHI, under the patronage of Dr. Hazem Fahmy, Ambassador of Egypt to Korea, and Mr. Hong Jin-wook, Ambassador of Korea to Egypt.

The main objective of this partnership is to establish cooperation in public sector for leadership development and education, training, academic research, and public sector for human resource development.