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National Training Academy Participates in the Gaza Strip Reconstruction Initiative

Pursuant to the directives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelfattah El-Sisi, with regards to the Egyptian initiative for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip as a result of recent events, the National Training Academy will use its full potential to support the development of young human cadres in the state of Palestine and qualify them with various programs offered by the National Training Academy in partnership with major international institutions.

These programs aim at exposing them to the latest developments of management, leadership, technology, and other topics and activities dedicated to the training of leadership cadres, to ensure the expansion of the development plan from Egypt to Palestine.

Five scholarships will be allocated to Palestinians in the fourth batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP), where Palestinian and Egyptian youth will be trained together. Another leadership and management program will be offered to 200 Palestinian trainees through the online platform of the Academy. Also, coordination with the parties concerned will be done to implement a training program for Palestinian cadres at the National Training Academy.

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